What's Happening?

Tollway Construction at Spring Creek Bridge

Prior to tollway construction at Spring Creek / 249, the Sentinel Oaks neighborhoods flooded during rains of 9" or more. TXDOT is filling the floodway with hundreds of truckloads of dirt, raising the elevation east of these neighborhoods. This action has obstructed water flow and will directly impact these neighborhoods.

The History


Historical Data of flooding provided by flood gauges is located here 

Gauge Height

Sentinel Oaks residents monitor the gauge real-time during heavy rains due to concerns of safety and damage here 

Future Concerns

SH249 Expansion at Spring Creek, as hundreds of truckloads of fill dirt for the bridge is now restricting of water flow from the West of the highway.

TXDOT and Army Corp of Engineers need to re-evaluate the concerns prior tp a major weather event.

Spring Creek/249 2016-Drone

The most impressive video to date. The extent of the flooding Memorial Day weekend on Spring Creek at 249.  Pause the video at 2:56 to view the entrance at Sentinel Oaks and the neighborhood looking west.

Spring Creek - May 2016 Flood

Airboats are brought in to rescue residents on Sentinel Oaks and surrounding neighborhoods as the waters recede.

Spring Creek Flood 4-18-16

This flood was in April 2016, not at all comparable to the one in May. At 2:03 you will see the corner of 249 at Sentinel Oaks as the waters recede.

Additional Contacts

Please consider contacting these entities with your concerns:

Montgomery County Engineers Office 

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)

Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)

City of Tomball 

Harris County Office of Emergency Management